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Neptune respects the water of your swimming pool as well as the equilibrium of your skin
It happens all too frequently that the use of chlorine
causes irritation to the mucous membranes and to the
eyes, which puts a damper on the pleasure of swimming.
Thanks to
Neptune , the water in your pool has
no aggressive properties because the salinity of the
water comes close to that of a physiological salt solution.
When you use
Neptune , the percentage of salt
dissolved in the water lies between 2 and 7 grams per
litre (according to the indications of the electro-
stabilizer manufacturer).
If you use a common salt (fine salt or in tablet form),
you will be forced to use an overdose of salt in the
course of the season to artificially increase the
productive capacity of your electro-sterilizer.
Hence you will be swimming in water with a much
higher salt content, which has a harmful effect on
the pleasure of swimming.
Neptunemakes such an overdose superfluous.
You will rediscover the pure and simple pleasure of soft water
Neptune is the only product, the
composition of which has been especially studied with
a view to the electro-sterilization of pool water.
It is the result of many years of research.
Its specific formula forms the object of an international
The product was brought to perfection in a laboratory,
and afterwards it was tested extensively in realistic
 Neptune lives up to all expectations:
an efficient treatment of the water in combination with
a high swimming comfort, a safe product manipulation
and a product that is easy to use, the guarantee that
the product was precisely predosed, and a durable
and therefore economical product… irrespective of
the season or the number of bathers.
The secret of Neptune comfort:
A DURABLE, well dosed and economical PRODUCT
The product in tablet form avoids any risk
of evaporation, as opposed to fine or
coarse salt, and you can be sure that the
stabilizer has been well dosed and that the
product will dissolve optimally. Evaporation
during the summer months does not lead to
any loss of
Neptune .
It is only the water that evaporates.
In other words, the consumption of
Neptune solely depends on possible
showers of rain, on the amount of water lost
due to the fact that people play in the water
and on the amount of water used to clean
the sand filter.

Salt in tablet form
packed in sacks of 25 kg

  Your electro-sterilizer produces chlorine which immediately dissolves in the water of your swimming pool.
All algae and bacteria are destroyed by this chlorine, which is subsequently transformed into chloride and then starts to exude salt (NaCl or sodium chloride).
The cycle is closed as shown in the diagram below:

 When there's no stabilizer in the pool, the amount of
chlorine decreases rapidly under the influence of
ultraviolet rays.
When you use salt without any stabilizer, your electro-
stabilizer will have to run at full power to compensate
for those significant losses of chlorine.
It is not very practical to use a swimming pool salt and
add a separate stabilizer.
It is not easy to determine the exact quantity, and even
the smallest error (too much or too little) can have a
harmful effect on the quality of your pool water.
 When the swimming pool is filled with water,
the pH level will be verified and corrected,
after which it suffices to add a dose of
Neptune to the water (500 kg per 100 m3 on average, according to the recommendations
of your installer).
You don't need to add any stabilizer anymore,
which is always a delicate task.
The stabilizer has been predosed and added
Neptune .
The Neptune stabilizer was predosed.
It protects the chlorine (from the salt) against ultraviolet rays.
Neptune avoids any risk of overstabilization.
You obtain the perfect balance right from the start.

Your well-being and security are guaranteed,
as well as those of your friends and family

Neptuneis a healthy product. It was especially developed to offer you a maximum security.
The stabilizer that was added to this special swimming pool salt is one of the components in the tablets that are used to cold-sterilize feeding bottles.
Neptune is absolutely harmless.
Full-size tests prove it:
the stabilizer protects the chlorine from the salt in your pool water and the salt, in its turn, protects the stabilizer in the
Neptune tablets.
The two balance each other.
  Moreover we know from tests and from experience
Neptune does not leave any spots on the
lining of your swimming pool (liner, polyester, glass
paste, marble-like plaster).
The manipulation of sacks with
Neptune tablets is
without danger.
From now it won't be necessary anymore:

- to stock and manipulate chlorine
- to stock and manipulate algicides (extremely
   dangerous products)
- to determine the exact quantity of stabilizer.
ATTENTION… Good swimming pool salts always contain a stabilizer.
If you want to make sure that you are buying a good swimming pool salt, it is recommended to check the technical product information first.
It will tell you whether the product contains a stabilizer (type and quantity).
If there is no specific information about a stabilizer, it means that the product is a common salt (fine, coarse or in tablet form) packed as swimming pool salt.
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